Out first tour plan was to visit cities in Belgium.
So the second tour plan: visiting the other European cities.
My mother and I booked trains and hotels, and first we went Amsterdam.

What surprised us was the speed of bicycles.
People there pedal so fast as they compete in the race.
We felt the danger for several times just by walking down the street.

Another thing surprised us was “Dancing Houses”.
Many houses tilted because of the subsidence of ground.
They looked like coming crashing down toward us.

On the second day in the morning, we went to eat the pancake at The Pancake Bakery.
The texture was more “mochi-mochi (chewy and fluffy) than crepes.

After enjoying the canal tour, we found a nice french restaurant De Belhamel.
We could have a good lunch with a nice view.

And then, we headed to the city where has my alma mater.

August 2018
Amsterdam, the Netherlands