Bruges is about 1 hour from Leuven by train without transfer.
You can get to the city center in 10 minutes from the station.
My mother and I joined the canal cruise right after we arrived there.

There were many swans resting near the Flemish Béguinages.
We were surprised how big they were.

We also found a huge art with a height of 12 meters.
It was built with approximately 5 tons of plastic trash from the Pacific Ocean in order to generate the attention among marine conservation.
The art was ironically beautiful, even though it was made from the trash.

Bruges, which has a medieval townscape, seemed a little bit like Kyoto to us.
Although there were many tourists, they had less trashes on the street.
And the whole town was beautiful like a museums.
We maybe should have stayed one night there…

August 2018
Bruges, Belgium