We visited Ghent with a brother of my chéri from Brussels.
Ghent is about 30 minutes away from Brussels or Leuven by train.
This time we drove there and took like an hour because of the traffic jam.

Ghent is a third biggest city in Belgium, following Brussels and Antwerp.
It is quite large if you wander around this beautiful old city on foot.
The day we visited was extremely hot, so we took a guide tour by carriage.

We had a young coachman and a horse called George.
George the horse seemed smart to remember the way to go even without the instruction.
After the ride, we thanked him for his work.
And then suddenly George the horse nuzzled his nose to my mother!
It was surprising but sweet that he showed his love to her.

We decided to finish sightseeing earlier from the heat but there were many neat places we missed this time.
Hope to have a chance to visit there again.

August 2018
Ghent, Belgium