Leuven is only 30 minute away from Brussels both by car and by train.
We stayed there about three weeks in this summer.
It is a famous “univercity” in Belgium, but we were lucky to have been there while the summer break.

Leuven was a safe and nice-sized city, especially for my mother to walk around.
We went on a day trip but always came back to Leuven for dinner.
Our favourite restaurants are the Italian ZOff and the ethnic restaurant Kalypta.
We also found a clothing store, Profiel, mainly dealing with Belgian high brands.

We were having good days in Leuven until the final week of stay.
It happened after my mother went back to Japan, but my chéri and I were attacked by the bed bugs…
The bitten spots were unbelievably itchy for a few weeks.
The hotel was not that cheap though.
But we’ll think positively that we did a rare experience of life.

August 2018
Leuven in Belgium