Liège is about 40 minutes from Leuven by train.
I went there for sightseeing with my mother while my chèri was working.
To go to the center of Liège, change the train at Liège-Guillemins, and get off at Liège-Palais.
It was first time for us to use the train in Belgium but quite easy!

After arriving to Liège-Palais afternoon, we went to Place du Marché to look for lunch.
We filled up ourselves with pasta and wine at the Italian restaurant Il Calpacio and headed to Montagne de Bueren.

Montagne de Buerren was built in 1875, having 373 stairs to go up the mountain.
It was a great weather…or too good.
We regretted that we had some wine earlier because it felt so hot.
But we completed all the way up to the top!

On the way back to the station, we took a way that has a trace of castle walls.
There are other walking courses, so maybe we will train our legs and come back?!

August 2018
Montagne de Bueren in Liège, Belgium