Femmes du Japon: Women of Japan is a project by Florence Plissart to share the stories and lives of women in Japan.
I’m very happy to announce you that her works are now available at the Embassy of Belgium in Japan where plays a very important role as a bridge between Belgium and Japan.

Florence Plissart


Femmes du Japon: Women of Japan


Florence Plissart | Komorebi “Femmes du Japon: 日本の女性”

On 20 June 2018, I was greatly honored to be a part of the opening as translator.
I cannot be thankful enough to Florence and all the staff at the embassy for giving me such a big role, even I merely did a simultaneous interpretation before.

Right: Ms. Florence Plissart

More than 40 women participated in this project, shared us their life journeys.
The portraits and stories are available until 20th July 2018, so please enjoy the exhibition if you visit the embassy of Belgium in Japan by chance.
The upcoming exhibitions in Europe and the book publication project will be informed by Florence’s newsletter.

Please contact Florence Plissart for the registry.