Sakura blossom is one thing you cannot miss when you visit Japan in spring.
We went on a trip from Fukuoka to Kyoto with my chéri’s brother to appreciate the spring beauty.
It was still chilly but we could see a flurry of sakura in the wind at Ōhori Park.

My chéri’s brother loves Japanese animation films, so he was thrilled to come visit Japan for the first time.
It was also exciting for him to see my chéri in person after one year and half.

Chéri’s brother: “Nē, otōto. Genki desu-ka? (Hey younger brother, how are you?)”
Chéri: “Genki desu-yo. (I’m good.)”

How adorable to see them speaking each other in Japanese!

March 2018
Ōhori Park in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka prefecture


We also found these beautiful flowers at Dazaifu in Fukuoka.