France: Chamonix & Chéri

Chamonix Mont Blanc is a resort on the mountain which is 1,035 meters above sea level, close to the border with Italy.If you visit from Samoëns, you need to go to Cluse by car and take a train to Chammonix (it takes about 2 hours in total). We took a cable car and visited to Aiguille du Midi.The scenery from the observatory, 3,842 meters above see level, was magnificent.We also found some Alpinists challenging themselves on the slopes through the telescope. “Do we want to climb Mt. Fuji (3,776 meters above see) someday?”“…After arriving to the higher point by cable car? No.” December 2016Chamonix Mont Blanc in France Chamonix Mont…

France: Baguette & Chéri

Samoëns is a commune near Switzerland in south-eastern France.As its name means “seven mountains” in medieval expression, the commune is surrounded by grand mountains.It reminded me of “Heidi, Girl of the Alps” when I saw the chalets at the foot of mountains. Samoëns is becoming more and more popular as a resort in both summer and winter, though it is still a mysterious region for Japanese since I couldn’t find much guidebooks or travel websites in Japanese.There were a lot of lovely handmade goods in the town, including the wrappings of chocolates and confitures.It was the first for me to visit France, and of course, to Samoëns, but somehow I…

Tokyo: Jindaiji & Chéri

Jindaiji, the second oldest temple in Tokyo, is rich in nature though it’s not far from the city centre of Tokyo.It was a hot humid day in the summer, but my chéri and I felt so frech once we went into the grounds of the temple. In this area, soba buckwheat, cultivated by using a plenty of spring water is also famous for its long history (over 400 yeas).We had “soba manjū(a bun filled with sweet bean paste)” and it tasted good. July 2016Jindaiji in Chōfu City, Tokyo, Japan Jindaiji Official Website Official Tokyo Travel Guide: Jindaiji Temple 日本語Français

Kanagawa: Daibutsu & Chéri

My chéri and I visited to Buddhist temples in Kamakura to see hydrangeas which beautifully bloom in the rainy season in Japan.This bronze Buddha statue “Daibutsu” in Kōtoku-in is 13.35m (9ft 11″) in height, including the pedestal, and designated as a national treasure. Because there is no other tall building around the temple, it looks much taller and wider.It is considered that the statue was built in the 13th century.You can go into the inside of the statue if you are interested in how it was cast. June 2016Kōtoku-in in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan Kōtoku-in Official Website Official Visitor Guide: Visit Kamakura 日本語Français

Osaka: Shinsekai & Chéri

Shinsekai is a famous area that you can experience deep Osaka because you see drunken men on the street from the morning.But it was originally urbanised for the 5th National Industrial Fair, held in Osaka in 1903 as one of the sites, imitating Paris and New York. I took my chéri to “Paris in Osaka” since he’s from France (not from Paris though). “Paris? Tour Eiffel? What?” …well. May 2016Shinsekai in Osaka, Japan Osaka Info: Shinsekai Shinsekai Portal Site (Japanese) 日本語Français