Middle of Showa: Mother and Son

This is a photo of my grandmother and my uncle.

My uncle lives with down syndrome.
Down syndrome is a congenital syndrome that causes both physical and intellectual growth delays.

When my uncle was born, people still didn’t know about the syndrome that much.
For example, an extra chromosome was found on the 21st chromosome in 1959.

“Your son might die before 20.”
After the doctor told about this cureless syndrome, my grandparents prayed for their son every single day.

Now my uncle is over 50 years old.
I have never been shamed at having a disability person in my family.
Although, it would be hypocritical of me to say that a person with Down syndrome is like an angel.
To me, my uncle was, he is still a pure and cheerful and precious person of my family.

Osaka, Japan