I found a lot of pictures and negative films from the storerooms at my parents’ and my grandparents’ homes.
Some of them were fixed in albums, but they were put in boxes in a careless way.
One of the oldest was a family photo in monochrome, taken when my grandmother was in girls’ school.
That was the first time for me to see the face of my great grandparents.

Pictures of my grandfather and my father with their colleagues.
Baby photos of me and my siblings.
And a few of my grandmother’s brother who died during the wartime.
Some got names and dates on the reverse side.

When I showed those pictures to my mother, I got listened to a lot of stories.

She was tomboy and often made her mother upset by making a hole on her new clothes.
My grandmother enjoyed frightening kids with her ghost stories.
My grandfather made a horrible soup that made some people got stomachache.
My great grandmother liked my father like her real son.

Even a single casual photo has a magic to evoke far distant memories and to make you feel as if you were there.

The photo gallery Memories have some photos of my family, taken in Showa period (1926 – 1989), with a short stories.
Please enjoy and experience the old time of a Japanese family.