People with different colours.
Language I’d never heard.

Do you see the sight I see?
Why don’t you speak Japanese?

The first foreign country to go with my family.
Fear from the ignorance.
Curiosity to the unknowns.
Though it’s a faint memory, I remember how I felt.

“Uchi”, the inside.
“Soto”, the outside.

A border in between.
Is it possible to find the tool to connect the two?

Films. Literature.
Pictures that captured a moment of life.

I want to be a key to connect “Uchi” and “Soto”.
Thinking so, I am learning languages and cultures.

“how to get to Nomi” will have the information on the works that I translated, and also introduce some of my photos and my thoughts.
I would be pleased if you could find something through various view of the world here.

To my late father who had been proud of me, with love.