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Translations: Special Screening @ Lotus TV

MOTHER AND SON is a short film by Kota Fudauchi for for The 48 Hour Film Project Tokyo 2017.Prior to the premier screening of the films for Tokyo 48 HFP 2018, all the past 106 films, including “MOTHER AND SON”, will be screened on the link below: Kota Fudauchi/SARUGAKU COMPANY MOTHER AND SON Lotus TV How to watch Scroll down the page or click “TOKYO 48 Hour Film Project in the “≡ (hamburger menu)” on the bottom left to find the film on the link above. Please enjoy this special screening! 日本語Français

Translations: Exhibit @ Embassy of Belgium in Japan

Femmes du Japon: Women of Japan is a project by Florence Plissart to share the stories and lives of women in Japan.I’m very happy to announce you that her works are now available at the Embassy of Belgium in Japan where plays a very important role as a bridge between Belgium and Japan. Florence Plissart   Femmes du Japon: Women of Japan   Florence Plissart | Komorebi “Femmes du Japon: 日本の女性”Contact On 20 June 2018, I was greatly honored to be a part of the opening as translator.I cannot be thankful enough to Florence and all the staff at the embassy for giving me such a big role, even I…

Mon Chéri: Daily Photos + Short Stories

Tokyo is where we met.We were new comers there:He just came from France, and I also just came from Osaka after coming back from the UK.We started to experience the cultural and historical things of Japan in Tokyo.And then, we started to visit the places further away from Tokyo, including outside of Japan. Where we were born, how we were raised, and the paths we had chosen. We have a lot of similarities but also many differences.That makes me discover something new when I travel with him, even to the places I know well.So as not to miss my findings, it is now my little pleasure to keep them in…

Translations: Film Fest & Exhibits

Spring has come and I have two good news from business partners!In this coming April, the short film that I was involved as a translator will be screened in the film festival in New York.In addition to this, the art project “Women of Japan” by Florence Plissart will also have more exhibitions in Tokyo (and I will be there as interpreter). Film Fests & Exhibits Short Film “SUMMER TIME” 13 April – 14 April 2018 Picture Farm Film Festival 2018 Brooklyn, NY, USA Exhibition “Women of Japan” 10 April – 6 May 2018 Blue Baobab Africa Tokyo, Japan Please check here for the further information of each work.Congratulations to Kota…